Interview with Lara McElderberry on the Podcast “Married to a Doctor”


“Any piece of writing is competing for a reader’s attention span. It has to be more interesting than someone’s cell phone or television. Entertainment is something I talk about with my students, and something I think about in my own writing. We have to work hard for our readers.”

Read more from this interview with Anna Currey at NolaVie.


“Countless writers in New Orleans are ever plucking away at their keyboards, conducting research or interviews, or simply probing their memories and inner lives to create worthwhile work. Much of this is published online, scattered disparately throughout cyberspace. Here are a few things we at Room 220 read recently that compelled us to gather them together and share.”

Read more at Nola Defender.


“An identical twin herself, Groner often writes about the conspiratorial and competitive relationship twins share as well as writing from a child’s perspective. She draws on her experience as a writer to inspire her approach to teaching students in Loyola’s classrooms.”

Read more on Loyola University’s Website.


“A viable Ponzi scheme? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I’d give the $5 to a child and tell him to use it as start up capital for a lemonade stand. Child labor is the root of many multi-million dollar business ventures.”

Read more from  “Ask the Author” published by Pank. December 2011.



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