Anya Groner’s essays, stories, and poems have appeared in journals including Guernica, The New York Times, EcotoneThe Oxford American, Orion Magazine and The Atlantic.  She received her MFA in fiction from the University of Mississippi where she was a John and Renee Grisham Fellow and has since been awarded scholarships and grants from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, the Sewanee Writers Conference, The Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, and the Louisiana Board of Regents. Meridian, a quarterly journal published by the University of Virginia, awarded her the Editor’s Prize for her story “Buster.” Her writing has also received distinguished recognition in Best American Short Stories 2015, Best American Travel Writing 2019 and Best American Science Writing 2019. A resident of New Orleans, Groner is the chair of the creative writing department at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and is a founding member of New Orleans Writers Workshop. She’s also taught writing at Loyola University New Orleans, Xavier University of Louisiana, and the University of Mississippi. 


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  1. Anya,

    Just wanted to write you some fan mail. I Just read your terrific story in Meridian. Have to say it was stunning. Loved the girls. Loved everything really. Nice work. I’m a writer living in Houston, got my PhD in fiction there, and I’m also an admirer of great stories. Good luck & Thank you.

  2. hi anya
    my best buddy has been saving people on plane travel quite often
    it is a mitzvah that your husband performed
    he is a mensch
    best regards mitch
    i really enjoyed your wsj article

  3. Loved your article “Is there a doctor in the house?” Identified with a lot of what you wrote. What is it with that phrase “doctor’s wife”!? Sharing your spouse with medicine is always a challenge. But there are a few perks!

  4. Hi Anya
    Enjoyed your note on the doctor in your marriage. Despite being a doctor myself, I could identify with at least some of what you felt. Funny part is, my hubby will tell you the same! Caring for patients over our own dear ones becomes a habit. Good/bad? 🙂

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for you question! I don’t yet have a publisher. I’m finishing edits on the book now. When I’m done, my agent, Kate Johnson, will begin shopping for a publisher. I’ll post about it here as soon as I have news.

  5. Any a, have you heard of the new genre term for novels about climate change issues that’s been dubbed , by me, as cli- fi? Climate fiction nickname. Is your novel perhaps a cli fi novel ?

  6. I loved your Modern Love column. It’s something I re-read as I relate to it all too well and you were able to put word to something I haven’t been able to. Thank you!

  7. I just found you’re essay about being married to a doctor. My husband is a PGY2, and I am really struggling to cope with the scheduling. We have 4 children, and I also am a professional (with my career on hold for his residency). How do you keep the team mentality? How do you get through? If I hear “You’re lucky to be married to a doctor!” one more time I’m going to vomit.

    • Hi Alexia, Thanks for reading my essay. I wish I had some magic advice, but it’s really hard. Residency robs you of the companion you thought you married. I think it takes constant communication and all the support you can get. We have a ten-month-old daughter now and no family in town and having a good daycare has been a lifesaver. We had to figure out ways to expand the team. Is there a way for you to pursue your career by doing freelance work or consulting? It sounds like perhaps you’ve given up more than you intended. My email is if you want to chat more.

  8. Hi Anya! I just heard your essay in the marriedtodoctors podcast and I loved it. I was hearing it and I lost some words because English is not my mother tongue, but I suprised myself crying at the end because my husband (also a doctor) always do that to me too!! Haha so I loved it much more. Is the best ending you could ever write. I hope to read more about you soon. And congrats for it!

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