The Heart You Save Won’t Be Your Own

“That August I moved from a high ceiling dorm room in a historic landmark to the attic of an old flag shop downtown. The distance was a few miles, but the difference was like flipping channels from Masterpiece Theater to Cops. My dorm had overlooked manicured lawns and a circular garden with an endowment all its own; my new house was two doors down from a grass rotary where women sold blow jobs for $5.”


Over at Guernica, I wrote about heart transplants, social services, and quitting my first job after college. Here’s a link!

4 thoughts on “The Heart You Save Won’t Be Your Own

  1. Five dollars? It hardly seems worth it. Even if you’re doing heavy volume, let’s say six blowjobs an hour (and that seems like a pretty difficult pace to maintain), you’re only making $30 bucks. More likely, you’d do maybe 2 or 3 (although I find it hard to believe that the market for $5 blowjobs can even sustain that). And at that point it seems like you’d be better off begging for spare change or something…

    • I know! It’s absurd. My friend worked at the Department of Public Health where they do a lot of STI screenings and she’s the one who told me how little they cost.

      • Wow! I mean, I know that addiction to drugs is probably involved in this cost-benefit calculus (i.e. regular work is probably not an option), but even with that, I am surprised.

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